Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MEGA Lagoon Report for Tuesday Feb 17th

Good Morning!!!

Hey Everyone. After a long and much needed three day weekend I am back at the computer with a full report from the weekend. So much was going on at the Lagoon on Saturday and Sunday, it was a blast!

Also, be sure to read our FIRST blog entry from an Innovator herself, Amber Parker, a journalist from CSULB who is jumping into the fun and helping us out!

(If you are interested in writing something for the blog, feel free to do so. Type it up and email it to TimothyDunham9@yahoo.com and i'll post it for you, include pictures if you want!)

First off, here is a picture from this morning. As you can see we aren't out of this rain yet and its looking like more is to come. Long Beach received a healthy dose of it this weekend and hopefully it was enjoyed by all. The earth needs a good watering and so do we. Yesterday I picked Taylor up first thing in the morning for a coffee meeting (the best kind) and we drove down to the beach to check out the storm. Waves were actually breaking on the shores of LB, not too big but the wind was so strong it was creating waves. It was an awesome sight to see.

This weekend was home to several great events at the Lagoon. Starting on Saturday morning we had our second Innovators meeting where 15 of us gathered for another presentation about how to get more involved with all the great things happening at the Lagoon. We had some SOLID people come out who want to give of there time and see things happen.

There are follow up meetings this week for both programs at the WAMSEC (Colorado Lagoon Education building.

Today,Tuesday Feb 17th at 6pm we will meet at the WAMSEC to start off the TIDE(Training and Influencing Docents and Ecologists) program. We will discuss upcoming classes, our resources for you and are going to have a little presentation on wetlands. Contact me, Taylor, if you want more info: Tmailto:Taylor@coloradolagoon.org or 562-331-0226.

Creative Arts
Wednesday (Feb 18th) at 7pm we will meet at the WAMSEC to kick off the Creative Arts Program. Here we're going to share thoughts, present some upcoming projects and explore ideas and resources. Contact Tim if you want more info: Tmailto:TimothyDunham9@yahoo.com or 562-673-7875.

As we have said this whole time, Come to one, come to both and don't worry if you cant make it this week. If you are unable to attend that does NOT mean you can't participate, these are just the first of many meetings to come. Be sure to tell your friends or family who you think might be interested in being apart of something Great! We want to be people of action and there are a lot of education, events and programs already underway that we need help developing. Lets put the rubber to the road and get to work.

Ok, enough talking....lets get to the fun part...PICTURES!!!

Here is a mix from the Innovators meeting and our Lagoon Exploration...

Thank you All!


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