Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lagoon Report: Wednesday Feb 4th

Good morning to one and all!

So I have some unfortunate news...I seem to have lost my camera. The last time I saw it was at the gallery on Monday night for the Photography Show. I had it until the end of the night and was unable to locate it yesterday when I returned. I am trusting that some wonderful person picked it up for safe keeping. Until it finds its way back to me the morning Lagoon picture may be postponed. I will see about using my little digital point and shoot to get some good shots. If anyone has ANY news or ideas about where it may be, please contact me or anyone involved in the Lagoon so I can continue my work at the Lagoon. Thank you!

The Camera,
Black- Canon Rebel Xti with a 75-200mm lens and a Lowepro bag(also black color).

Call me at 562.673.7875

Thanks for your help and I hope everyone has a beautiful day!


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