Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lagoon Report Tuesday Feb 10th

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful, crisp, chilly morning here in Long Beach and especially down at the Lagoon. My hands were definitely cold while out shooting this beautiful flower. The Lagoon seemed to be a little more alive today with ducks and other species out enjoying the warmth of the rising sun.
I wanted to take a moment and reintroduce myself to people who may have just joined the blog. The Colorado Lagoon Blog was an idea I had to help bring more awareness to the daily beauty that can be found in and around the Lagoon. Passing by the Lagoon is part of my daily commute to work and its been a great pleasure to stop and take a photo and share that with others. As always I am open to suggestions on how to make this blog better?!
I work at the VA Hospital full time and just recently got involved with Friends of Colorado Lagoon, the non-profit governing body who helps to Educate, Restore, Preserve and bring awareness to the community about our local Wetland. I couldn't be more excited about all the new programs that are going to be implemented this year. This includes nature walks, bluff stabilization projects, Education classes, Ice-plant removal, Tidal Artwalks, 5k Run, Acoustic Summer nights and So many more!!!
Be sure to check back Daily!
With Smiles