Friday, January 15, 2010

TIDE Sunset walk - January 12th 2010


Can you believe that its 2010?!?! Crazy, I know. We are going to start this new year off right and make the blog a more interactive place. You can sign on the blog and find letters from FOCL prez Dave Pirazzi, stories from other folks and of course...Pictures.

If you or someone you know may be interested in contributing to this blog please email me with your idea and we'll make it happen. We want this to become more of a community platform rather than just a lagoon report. Is there a funny story that needs to be told, a favorite photo, some news, or upcoming events, this is the place to check it out. Be sure to check out our calander of events at the website

For our first TIDE meeting of the year we got together and went on a sunset walk of the Lagoon. Most of us who work at the Lagoon are usually down there for a reason, for restoration, education or some sort of event. It was great to walk the whole Lagoon and just enjoy OUR urban wetland.

Here are some photos from the evening....

It was wonderful evening. Perfect temps and clouds for show
Dave Pirazzi and Eric Zahn talking about different phases of the Lagoon restoration

It actually looks like a wetland!

A motley crew for sure
Some digital camera fun

The Bio Swale. Come check out the latest addition to the lagoon restoration. You can help with plantings. Go to the Restoration Calander at for dates to help!

Lots of bird watching- Adrienne and Shannon

It was a fine display of sunset and clouds

So if you're interested in being apart of the Colorado Lagoon Blog email me and we'll get you started. Be sure to check back for more frequent postings :)