Friday, May 22, 2009

Lagoon Report for Friday May 22nd

Happy Friday!
It has been a busy week down at the Lagoon with over 450 kids from Fremont Elementary visiting. Taylor has been teaching them about this amazing natural habitat and all the plants and animals that call it home.
The California Poppies have been in bloom as well as the dune flowers that are starting to come back. Next time you are at the Lagoon take a look at the roped off area right next to the WAMSEC and you will see something awesome happening. Dune plants and flowers are actually growing and flourishing. It is a very cool example of what this area would be like if we weren't walking on it. I think a good compromise can be reached; the plants get to grow and we get to enjoy!A beautiful tree...

There is an fun event at Marine Stadium on Saturday at 1pm. Head on down there for music, good people and FOOD! And be sure to look for your local Lagoon person.

Got Lagoon?

Many Smiles!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lagoon Report for Tuesday May 19th

The sun was out in full force this morning lighting up the Lagoon and everything around. This new fence helps to protect this great native plants that were put in on Earth Day. Couldn't help but notice this lonely flower reaching for the sky!
And then I ran into Taylor who is down at the Lagoon this week teaching kids from Fremont Elementary about the Lagoon and its inhabitants. Taylor is so great with the kids and if you've ever hung around him you know that he's just a kid in a really tall persons body!! Thanks for teaching future generations, Taylor!
Enjoy the beautiful weather :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lagoon Report for Monday May 18th

Greetings Everyone!!!

Hello and Good morning. I realize it has been a few weeks since I have posted on the blog, it needs some attention. My work load at work has changed and I haven't had the opportunities in the morning to post. So they will be more intermittent but I'll try when I can!
This morning the Lagoon was very quiet. It was as if even the wildlife knew it was a Monday morning after a fun and beautiful weekend here in Long Beach. We are in the midst of 'May Gray' and with the overcast skies it does not do much for photograph lighting.
Can anyone identify what this pictures is.....?

I hope everyone has a great week and take care of one another!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Lagoon Report for Friday May 1st


Hey Everyone! Its been a looooong week here at work and I haven't had the chance to check the blog. I've missed posting and sharing with all of you and I hope to get back to it this next week. In fact, I just read Ambers piece of Earth Day weekend and she did a Great job telling the story, Thank you Amber!

Here are a few photos from this morning. I got to the Lagoon right at slap-tide. That is the time inbetween tides changing. When I got there you can see from the pictures the water was calm and the reflections perfect. By the time I left I could see the flow coming in and ripples starting to form, it was a great experience to start the day.

Tomorrow (Saturday) There is a Long Beach Earth Day event on the corner of 7th and Park. It starts at 11am and should be a fun time for everyone. Of course FOCL will have a table out there and we'll be hanging, enjoying the day and getting the word out about our programs. Come down and join in the fun!!

Have a great weekend and I'll be back next week!