Friday, June 19, 2009

Lagoon report for Wed June 24th

Greetings to everyone who's reading this!

I realize it has been several weeks since I have posted on the site and I feel bad about it. Life and work have caught up with me in very busy way. I am going to do my best to post once a week. Try and give more of an overview of whats going on at the Lagoon instead of a Day to day. Work has got my schedule as such that it doesn't allow me the time that it used to. So bare with me, Thank you!These are all random shots from around the Lagoon area. With June Gloom in full effect it doesn't do much for the lighting when photographing. But I've caught a few mornings of sunshine here and there. Thankfully the afternoons have been Perfect weather, I'm sure you've all enjoyed the evenings.

So my buddy Geoff and I stopped by the Lagoon to play some frisbee and low and behold, Taylor was there. So we're tossing the frisbee around and of course, without fail it goes into the Lagoon. Since Taylor was the one who threw it into the Lagoon, he had to go after it. So check out the pictures below and see how the story unfolded...
Out comes the Frog suit....

And a long pole with a net on the end

Marching off into battle

The march continues....

The realization that this is going to take more than a frog suit to get the frisbee out from the middle of the Lagoon

What can we say, he tried.

We had to get the Canoe out and paddle against strong winds to reach our frisbee but eventually we saved it!! Phew, it was a close call.

Anyway, there are a lot of things happening at the Lagoon these days.

First off- the WAMSEC or Wetland and Marine Science Education Center is open for Fun! The hours are Thurs-Sunday 230-7pm. Come down, learn fun stuff about the Lagoon or try your best to beat Taylor at a game of Ladder Ball. We also have two new Innovators working down there as well. Eric and Shannon will be down there as well at various times to help out and have some fun!

Secondly- We are in the midst of planning our big summer event, Acoustic Tidal Artwalk on July 18th. Its a night of music and Art in the sand. There will be live music, live art, Activities for the kids, food vendors and much more. It starts at 5pm and goes til 10pm.

Well there is a quick update on whats happening at the Lagoon. I'll do my best to check back in early next week!

Take care of each other


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lagoon Report for Wed June 3rd

Hello There!

As spring time wears on we have the lovely May gray followed by June Gloom. But more importantly some really great things are happening at the Lagoon. First off the afternoons afford us some beautiful wind swept clouds. As the overcast skies finally clear we get a small glimpse into what summer is going to be like and its just around the corner!

We also have our Spring time visitors, The Terns. These are Not pictures of Terns unfortunately but I thought they were good photos anyway. I Love the reflections.

Another amazing spring time event is all of the native flowers come alive! With the help of volunteers there has been some great growth along pathway at the Lagoon. A new fence has been installed to help protect this flourishing plants. Take a stroll and take notice of these great flowers blooming everywhere. Its a treat that should not be missed.

Look at the details of these leaves with the jagged edges. Perhaps a safety mechanism?

Looking through a great new fence you can see the WAMSEC.

One of the greatest things that has been happening in the last month is all the EDUCATION that has gone on at the Lagoon. Almost 500 kids from Fremont Elementary school came down to learn about a local habitat. Students from Wilson, CSULB and Homeschool groups are all taking advantage of the great education program we have set up in our local community.
Summer Science Shack hours are Thurs-Sun 2pm-7pm open to the public.
Head down to the Lagoon, say hello to Taylor and learn something awesome. Or play ladder ball, build a sand castle, watch the Terns dive for fish, daydream, go for a walk, tell stories or simply enjoy being outside!

Many Smiles,