Friday, January 30, 2009

Lagoon Report: Friday 1/30

The Crew spent a few hours last night getting the Wetlands Day show ready and its looking Great!! Stop by Saturday night for a sneak peak or Monday for the Real Deal.
Hope everyone has a Beautiful Day!
Its Friday!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lagoon Report: Thursday 1/30

I was able to get to the Lagoon about fifteen minutes ealier than I usually do and caught the sun before it got too high in the sky. The Golden (half)hour was striking the water and bridge beautifully. With all the usually suspects out enjoying the warmth of the rising sun as I'm sure the temp was a bit chilling around the Lagoon last night.

Today The Crew is starting to put together the Wetlands Day for Monday Feb 2nd. The hanging of the pieces and configuring of the room is always a fun time of putting together an art show. The Pike Gallery will be open on Saturday evening for Last Saturday on 4th st. With the main oppening on Monday.
Timothy Dunham

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wetlands Day at Pike Gallery

Come to the Pike Gallery, located next door to the Pike Restaurant on Monday Feb 2nd for some GREAT Wetland photography by Local photographers. Free food and drink will be provided by the Pike restaurant. Come hang out, eat, drink, get information and find out whats happening in your Own backyard at the Colorado Lagoon. There will be a short presentation with amazing slides, Music and good people.

It should prove to be a wonderful way to spend your Monday evening with doors opening at 6pm.

See you there and tell your friends!

Daily Colorado Lagoon Picture and Report: Wed 1/28

Good Morning Everyone!!!

I would love to share one of my ideas and goals for this blog if you don't mind...

I have the privelage of driving or biking past the Colorado Lagoon every morning on my way to work. And for the two years I have been taking this route it has always been my favorite part of going to work. As a nature lover and photographer I have my camera with me everywhere I go. It dawned on me that I should share my commute and the Lagoon with others by taking a picture on my way in and posting it here. What a great way to allow folks to share in the lagoon who do not commute that way or simply don't ever find themselves up and at the lagoon at 7:15 in the morning.

It is my goal to post a picture every morning but please bare with me as sometimes when I get to work, I have to get to work. As an Cardiovascular Technologist in the operating room at the VA Hospital work can be demanding but I often have a few moments when I first arrive. Sometimes it may just be a picture but if can add a comment about the lagoon that morning I will. To be honest, this blog is completely new to me and I'm just getting started with it. I would love your feedback, comments and thoughts as a reader. If you have a suggestion just drop me an email or leave a comment.

I look forward to sharing my morning commute with this community and helping other to experience the lagoon on a daily basis. Also, I have a lot to learn about the Lagoon, birds and plants and really don't know the names of these things. I will post the picture if someone would post a comment with the name or an explanation then everyone has the chance to learn!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Timothy Dunham

-Director of Creative Thought

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bluff Stabilization Project

Many Thanks to Everyone who came out for the FIRST Bluff Stabilization Party! Without volunteers like these taking an interest in helping to improve the Colorado Lagoon, things would never get done!

The clouds were looking rather ominous but held back so we could get our work done. It was a perfect day to be working outdoors with everyone getting their hands dirty.

We got started first thing in the afternoon with about 50 different Native Plants that needed to be put into the ground. We had over a dozen Amazing folks show up to help out. Everyone dug in deep and got the job done!

Here are some shots from the day...

I think this guy loves his plants!

Leila clearing the way

Ravuth digging away

Wendy and Geoff pulling Ice Plant

Kerry with his gentle touch

Adrienne working away

Eric racking the Ice Plant

Taylor teaching Geoff about how certain plants will grow and how they will help to stabilize the bluff

Sokanary with a little guy waiting to be put in the ground

Sue making sure these new plants have enough to drink

The most delicate moment.....

It was truly a great day and an example of when people come together for a higher purpose outside themselves great things can happen. Be SURE to check back for future Planting parties and Bluff clearing projects. We usually work for a few hours and have a FUN time doing it!

Thank You for your Help and Support!

The Crew.

Parting Shot...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nature walk with Sierra Club

The Day started out pretty early with a Nature walk hosted by the Sierra Club. John Fries from the Sierra Club along with Eric Zahn and Adrienne Bosler of FOCL (Friends of Colorado Lagoon) took about 15 nature loving folks on a three hour excursion (Gilligan Island music). This wonderful walk included the Colorado Lagoon, Marine Stadium area and the beautiful Jack Dunster preserve.
(John Fries of the Sierra Club talking about the Colorado Lagoon being reconnected to Marine Stadium)

Both Eric and Adrienne have done a tremendous amount of work both at the Lagoon and Jack Dunster and were able to provide an educated look at the different areas. Everyone had the opportunity to learn everythings from Native plants, bird species, restoration projects and a history of the area. For most of us on the walk we were new to the areas and had No idea so much was going on in Long beach- our own backyard!

(Eric Zahn talking about migratory and local birds who call the Colorado Lagoon home)

(Adrienne Bosler talking about Native plants in the Lagoon/Jack Dunster areas)
Photographs from the walk!!!
Some of the Native plants, Migratory and Local birds we saw on the walk...

Photographs of Native Plants

Be SURE to check back to the blog for future walks planned. These walks are an easy stroll that all ages and abilities can enjoy. Its a great way to spend a Saturday morning, get out in nature and learn about your local area.
Many Thanks to John, Eric and Adrienne for hosting a wonderful Nature Walk!!!
Parting Shot...