Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nature walk with Sierra Club

The Day started out pretty early with a Nature walk hosted by the Sierra Club. John Fries from the Sierra Club along with Eric Zahn and Adrienne Bosler of FOCL (Friends of Colorado Lagoon) took about 15 nature loving folks on a three hour excursion (Gilligan Island music). This wonderful walk included the Colorado Lagoon, Marine Stadium area and the beautiful Jack Dunster preserve.
(John Fries of the Sierra Club talking about the Colorado Lagoon being reconnected to Marine Stadium)

Both Eric and Adrienne have done a tremendous amount of work both at the Lagoon and Jack Dunster and were able to provide an educated look at the different areas. Everyone had the opportunity to learn everythings from Native plants, bird species, restoration projects and a history of the area. For most of us on the walk we were new to the areas and had No idea so much was going on in Long beach- our own backyard!

(Eric Zahn talking about migratory and local birds who call the Colorado Lagoon home)

(Adrienne Bosler talking about Native plants in the Lagoon/Jack Dunster areas)
Photographs from the walk!!!
Some of the Native plants, Migratory and Local birds we saw on the walk...

Photographs of Native Plants

Be SURE to check back to the blog for future walks planned. These walks are an easy stroll that all ages and abilities can enjoy. Its a great way to spend a Saturday morning, get out in nature and learn about your local area.
Many Thanks to John, Eric and Adrienne for hosting a wonderful Nature Walk!!!
Parting Shot...

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  1. What an awesome collage of native plants you made there. Not a shabby photo of me either ;-).