Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lagoon Report for Wednesday Feb 18th

Buenos Dias!

The clouds have cleared away, not completely but the sun was shining bright and the Lagoon was alive! The air felt clean and crisp as I took photos this morning, it was really nice. Looks like another beautiful day here in Long Beach.

The FOCL Collective had their first TIDE meeting last night with about seven people in attendance. They all taught and learned from each other as they discussed different marsh plants. There is talk of a Long Beach Field Guide in the works, all to be put together by the Colorado Lagoon TIDE program. How awesome would it be for Lagoon to produce a document that could be used by Future generations for Education and knowledge. Thanks to everyone who is participating in that program!

Thanks again to Amber Parker for writing a truly inspirational piece about the Lagoon. She was able to truly capture the essence FOCL is trying to convey with their work at the Lagoon. If someone is interested in writing something for the blog about your own experience, PLEASE feel free to do so!

Have a great day with many smiles,


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  1. Great Pics Tim! :)

    And people should also send questions about what they'd like to know about the Lagoon and what they'd like to see mentioned or photographed in this AWESOME blog!