Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its Tuesday and Gorgeous! The morning brought some beautiful fog over the Lagoon and golf course. It was a nice morning with all the wildlife out playing. It's as if the Lagoon came alive compared to other recent mornings when it has been pretty quiet. I enjoyed myself as I watched all the activity before heading into work.

I had an awesome opportunity to meet the FOCL board members last night. It was great to finally see everyone in the same room. While I didn't get to talk with them individually I could sense that this was a group who was serious and compassionate about their involvement with the Lagoon. I feel privileged to be apart of something that has been going on for a while and that is only going to get Bigger! I really appreciate the their willingness to be open to new and innovative ways of approaching our community outreach for the Lagoon, good things are bound to happen!

This week we have a couple of events going happening. Tomorrow night (Wed) at 6:30pm We have a Creative Arts meeting. Come on down and join in the fun of Sign making and discussing events of how we can rock the Lagoon. We will be prompt on time so we won't take up your whole night! Its bound to be a good time, get to know your fellow innovators or just come check it out. No commitment required :)
Also on Thursday at 3pm we have an Ice-Plant destruction party. Come help us clear the way for Native Plantings. We had a very successful and productive turn out two weekends ago. Lets make it happen again!
Be sure to smile and enjoy the beautiful day!

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