Friday, February 6, 2009

Lagoon Report: Friday Feb 6th

Good Afternoon!

Better late than never I say about the Lagoon report. I was extremely busy here at work this morning and didn't have a chance to post But here it is anyway. The sand was really soggy/muddy this morning from the rain and all the birds were happily splashing in the Very high tide. The rain has brought a needed watering of the earth, its quite pleasant. Be sure to check out blossoming flowers that are sure to spring up after the rain!

Also be sure to take a look at as it has gotten a recent face lift and is look great!

The crew spent quite a few hours last night discussing the Lagoons Education program and there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for our local wetland. Be sure to stay tuned!

I will post if I can otherwise Have a great weekend!


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