Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lagoon Report for Tuesday

*Due to technical difficulties (aka, I left my camera at the gallery last night) I was unable to get a picture of the Lagoon this morning. However I still wanted to post a beautiful picture and a message and let everyone know how the Wetlands art show went last night.

The Wetlands Day Gathering at the 4th Street Gallery was a Blast!!!

It was hard to figure the numbers as people ebbed and flowed throughout the night but I would say at least 100 people came through the doors! Everything went off without a hitch, Thanks to the hard work of all the people involved. Those people being... Sasha, Adrienne, Cris, Tim, Eric, Taylor, Jaime, Chris and all the other folks who helped out! It was so amazing to see a group of people come together with a goal of bringing awareness to the Wetlands in the area.

The Photography looked great in the gallery, Mike Dees, Dave Pirazzi and myself all had pictures of plants, birds and beautiful nature shots displayed. It was eye candy for the nature lover! I had never met these other talented photographers so for me it was a great pleasure to talk with them and share in the experience. We all agreed that photographing the Lagoon and sharing our perspective with others was something we all truly enjoyed.

Dave is the Friends of Colorado Lagoon Prez and you can see more of his work here- http://www.coloradolagoon.org/focl/gallery.html. You can also go to http://www.somethingscreative.com/ to see a selection of my work. I know I look forward to working with Dave more as I continue to get involved with the Lagoon, I was even invited to the next board meeting!

The night was wonderful and filled with an awesome slide show put together by Eric, wine provided by Pike Restaurant and Music to keep things moving. Many thanks to everyone who came out to support the Wetlands and for making it a really fun night!

With Smiles,


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  1. I couldn't agree more with you Tim, it was a great night for wetlands creativity. Good people, wine and art, all for a good cause. I'll add my thanks to all the people that made it happen, you guys/gals are the best!

    Dave Pirazzi