Monday, February 9, 2009

Lagoon Report Monday Feb 9th

Happy Monday once again....

It was a beautiful weekend filled with rain, wonderful clouds and storms alike. I heard Long Beach got rain both Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I went camping at the North end of Malibu near Point Mugu at Sycamore Canyon with my lovely girlfriend Gina. We had perfect weather and surprisingly no rain. I took a lot of pictures of all the amazing plants and canyons in the Santa Monica Mtns. If you have never had the chance to make it up that way, I strongly suggest you make the trip, it is well worth it!

Anyhow here is your daily shot of the lagoon. Huge clouds lingering overhead kept a lot of wildlife at bay this morning, things were quiet. Enjoy!

Here are a few shots of the Malibu coast...

Tim and Gina out on an adventure

Looking East...

Looking South from Point Mugu


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