Friday, April 10, 2009

Patagonia Report

Buen Dia!

People have been asking: How was Patagonia? What's it like down there? What did you do exactly?

To put Patagonia in simple terms...Its amazing!

For those of you who don't know (like myself before my trip), Patagonia is considered the Southern region of Argentina and Chile and extends all the way to the tip of S. America. It's is comprised of the Andes Mtns, far reaching Plateaus, islands, animals not found anywhere else and terrain unparalleled to anything I had ever seen. It is another world to say the least.

The wind blows constantly and the weather can change in a matter of minutes, you always have your jacket with you. The temperature is cold but the view unbelievable. I found myself staring at the beauty that was before me, it was eye-candy for the nature lover!

So here are a few photographs I took along the way. I brought my 35mm film camera as that's the medium I enjoy shooting the most. So all the colors you see have not been altered in anyway. As I like to say...It is as the moment was. Enjoy!

Magellan Penguins at El Fin de Mundo (End of the earth)

Glacier run-off near El Chalten

'Old Reliable' ....Yikes

Random, beautiful horse

Wind blown trees... the wind blows so hard and constant in this area the trees are permanently shaped this way

River and the surface of the glacier

Notice the people on the ground getting ready to venture out onto this glacier Monster-gives good perspective of the size of this massive, mound of moving ice.

Gorgeous waterfall- The blowing wind doesn't allow this waterfall to hit the ground in a normal fashion

Rock climbing in El Chalten

End of the day in Begal Canal- this is the region where in the 1500's Magellan first found the tip of S. America

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  1. WOW! I just got a chance to check out these pics and they are absolutely AMAZING! Yay for penguins!!