Friday, April 10, 2009

Lagoon Report for Friday April 10th

Happy Friday!

For those of us who work Mon- Fri, today is a good day! Of course even if you don't work Mon-Fri today can still be a great day, so lets all be happy!
With the clouds overhead, this morning was nice and calm at the Lagoon. This weekend has a few events planned starting with tomorrow, Saturday from 12-2pm we have our monthly Estuary Exploration. Come learn about the Lagoon and just enjoy hanging out with others in a beautiful place. Then on Sunday we have our infamous Ice-Plant Removal party from 11am-1pm. Come on down and help out. Its a great chance to work in the sun, get a little dirty and have a blast with everyone. We have a good time to say the least!
I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. I hear the Grand Prix is in town, always a great local event!
Take care of one another!


  1. This is a great photo amigo! One for a gallery for sure...

  2. I was thinking more link in the District?