Friday, April 17, 2009

Late Lagoon Report for Friday April 17th

Happy Friday Afternoon!

Its late in the day, I realize that but I was busy at work this morning and couldn't pull away to post but here it is anyway!

So with the tides low, this is what it looks like. You have the Snowy Egert hanging out on the waters edge with his/her skinny legs. They stroll through the shallow water unnoticed to fish then with their long necks snag their food in an instant. This Egert is a regular on this end of the Lagoon in the mornings, I see it most often, I call him 'Skinny E' , we're friends.
Is that a golf ball...probably so.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the great weather we are having!!



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  1. I saw snowy egrets yesterday doing their mating dances at the Lagoon. Spring is in the air!

    I just read that males snowys change color during mating season. Their legs and face turn from yellow to orange. I wish i could do that!!