Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lagoon Report for Thursday April 9th

Buenos Dias!

Contrary to yesterday Gorgeous weather, today has started out a little overcast. The air was calm and the tide very low when I stopped by the North arm of the Lagoon. With all the migratory birds gone for the season activity seems to be low. However, there are still the locals who hang out feeding along the shore line such as this Snowy Egert. Its too bad that all my shots of birds taking flight are of them flying away from me, perhaps I need to try a new approach...

The moon will be completely full tonight at 10:55pm, It would be a perfect evening for a night stroll around the Lagoon!

In other news...Our very own Taylor Parker will be leaving on Saturday morning as he embarks on a two week excursion that will take him to Hawaii!! Sounds tough right? After a few years of trying to get a spot he was finally chosen to do research a NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) vessel. It is on this boat that he will work twelve hour shifts along side other folks learning and researching fish in the Pacific Ocean. He is very excited about this opportunity and cant wait to get back and share all that he has learned. I sense a presentation coming on! Good luck Taylor and take lots of pictures!!

The weather folks say we are suppose to get rain, I will believe it when I feel it. Enjoy the day!


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