Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lagoon Report for Tuesday April 7th

Good Morning!

It was a quiet morning as I hung around the west arm of the Lagoon. The fog crept across the water from the golf course as the wild life went about their business. I stood on the grass and looked out over the Lagoon and thought to myself: This goes on Every morning with or without us and how fortunate are we to have the opportunity to observe it in action.

This is similar to the realization I have when traveling to foreign lands... that there are parallel lives, communities and groups in this world who function just like we do, going on RIGHT NOW!
According to environmentalist Paul Hawken who does research on environmental/humanitarian non-profit, community based organizations, he says there are an estimate over 2million such groups functioning in the world today. These are people who are taking action in their community just like we are at the Lagoon, that is a very exciting thought! We should be encouraged by this knowing we are working along side millions of other amazing individuals all working towards the greater good of the earth and its people.

Let us be excited about the Lagoon and ALL the possibilities!

I truly hope everyone has a loving day and remember to smile!


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