Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lagoon Report for Tuesday April 14th


Good morning everyone, we are into the week and its looking gorgeous outside. Recently at the Lagoon the tide has been really low in the mornings when I arrive, this gives a completely different look to the wetland. It reveals barnacles, algae, clams and other sea life underneath the surface of the water. Most people don't realize all the ecology that takes place in this different world. So in response to the low tides and becoming more aware of this new, unseen world I'm going to shift my focus to below water life, as best as I can!

This past Saturday we had our monthly Estuary Exploration in which Eric Zahn and Chris Mull dragged a net through the water to collect different fish species found in the Lagoon. It was amazing to see that despite all the pollution that finds it way into the Lagoon these resilient creatures still thrived! We captured only the smallest fraction of whats out there but it demonstrated the importance of the work we are doing at the Colorado Lagoon. Lets keep it up!!

Here are some photos from that day...

Gathering the fish and other species
Digging through all the algae for lagoon creatures
We put them in this pool and then collected them for the fish tank
The fish tank allows everyone to see the Lagoon life up close while Eric and Chris educate everyone about each of the fish and the ecology of the Lagoon.
Be sure to check our Calender at http://www.coloradolagoon.org/ for future events. Estuary Explorations happen the second Saturday of every month from 12-2pm.

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  1. Totally InSEINE!!
    We plan to do demonstrations like this one every month during the summer. When the water warms up, more and more sea creatures will be maturing and we cannot wait to show them to everyone. Come to the Lagoon and you may see octopus, jellyfish, stingrays, crabs, snails, sponges, and all sorts of fishes.