Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lagoon Report for Thursday April 16th

Buen Dia!

What gorgeous weather we are having here in the South land. The wind is clearing the skies of all the unwanted pollutants, it feels great outside. April 15th has come and gone, I hope everyone got through it without too much stress. If you need to relieve some stress I suggest a walk down at the Lagoon! This morning I stumbled across this beautiful leaf and some barnacles who had attached themselves to a cement block. Small, living creatures that often go unnoticed here at the Lagoon.
Be sure to CLICK on the picture and check out the detail in these Photos!

Our Earth Day event is getting closer and closer. Just a little over a week away we will be gathering together next Friday (4/24) and Saturday (4/25) to Celebrate the Earth and all that we enjoy. Please join us Friday night for some educational talks from some folks who love to spend time at the Lagoon. Then on Saturday we will be enjoying the different aspects of the Lagoon, complete with a clean-up, planting, games and veggie BBQ. This event is for the WHOLE family, so come on down and join in the fun!!

Eric suggested I get some pictures of Barnacles so this is for him and everyone to see!

Smiles and Love,


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  1. Nice barnacle shots!! The horn snails in the leaf photo are also magnificent. I think the leaf shot would make a good photo for you postcards :)