Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Late in the day Lagoon Report Wed April 8th

Good Afternoon!

I do realize that this isn't the early morning report that is the usual. However, I went into work late today and got to experience part of what has turned out to be a Beautiful day! The big, puffy, white clouds over head was eye candy in the sky. The temperature was California picture much for that supposed rain today!

There are several events this weekend at the Lagoon. First on the Calender is our Estuary Exploration on Saturday at 12pm, come out and learn more about the Lagoon and its habitat. Then on Sunday starting at 11am we have our Ice-Plant Removal. This stuff is almost gone and its been at the hands of A LOT of dedicated volunteers who want to see this invasive species eradicated from the Lagoon to make way for gorgeous native plants. Thanks to everyone who has already come out and dedicated their time!!!

Come see all the beautiful flowers in full bloom at the Lagoon...

Check back tomorrow!


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  1. great blogs amigo!!! paul hawken is truly inspirational... and so is every one of the Lagoon's Champions!