Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lagoon Report for Wednesday April 15th

Good Morning Folks!

Last night the wind howled and howled and left us with beautiful blue skies and a crisp morning. I am going to have to search out these barnacles and other underwater life and maybe wear my waders as I'm sure to get muddy on the slick slopes. Here is one of the drainage systems that comes into the Lagoon, these creatures don't seem to mind and latch right on. Does anyone know the name of creature that lives inside this shell?

News from Taylor last night...

He is in Hawaii and getting ready to set sail (on a three hour tour) on the research vessel that he will call home for the next two weeks. He said he is learning a lot about fish but misses his plants terribly! He is surrounded by fish biologist and is getting 'schooled' on the ecology, geology and many other aspects of island fish. I'll try to keep you updated as we hear from him.

Have a wonderful day, its gorgeous!


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  1. Wow, such in-seine (sorry, I couldn't resist)photos, Tim!! I am jealous that I missed the event last week.

    The creatures who call those shells home are California Horn Snails -Cerithidea Californica. My favorite Lagoon animal!

    Tim is right, I am on a boat in Hawaii and while it is fun, I do miss the Lagoon. I'll be posting here soon. Talk to ya'll later.