Sunday, March 15, 2009

¡Ushuaia- The Bottom of the Earth!

Buen Dia!!!

I am currently in Ushuaia, the southern most town in the world. Its at the very tip of south america. The Andes mountains are unlike anything i have ever seen before. They rise up from the ocean not as rolling hills or mountain tops but as jagged, snow capped peaks. They are magnificant in their stature and beauty, just beckoning a mountaineer. However these peaks are not to be taken lightly as it would be a serious climb, even for an experienced climber. They didn´t teach me this kind of climbing at REI?! The community (tourists driven) is very friendly and its surreal to think that I´m on the bottom of the earth (as it sits on its axis). It only took us 56hrs to get here from LA and my butt hurts to say the least.

I am traveling with a good friend of mine Alicia and yesterday we visited Penguin Island. It is the island where Magellen penguins nest each year. Hundreds of them fill the beach and surrounding brush where they breed and live. Tonight we travel North to El Calefate which deep in the Andes Mtns where we will stay for several days. Tomorrow we are going glacier hiking which should prove to be quite the experience. And then it is on to El Chalten, home of Mount Fitz Roy, a world famous peak.

I miss the Lagoon and have even met marine biologists also traveling who have heard of the Wetlands in Long Beach. I tried to convince them they should come check out our wonderful Lagoon but they said something about going to the Faulkland islands, whatever :)




  1. love the landscape pics; they make me want to travel more

  2. ecotourism rules
    what is the scientific name of those Magellen Penguins?