Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lagoon Report for Wednesday March 11th


As I woke up this morning, bright and early I came to realization that I was pretty tired and needed a good cup of coffee. So as I do every Wednesday I picked Taylor up and we went for a cup. I stopped and looked at the clouds before entering the coffee house and it reminded me of a dog that I had when I was young. The thought was so overwhelming that it brought a single tear to my eye....I loved that dog....well anyway, I got my coffee (with a little cream and sugar)and chatted the morning away with Taylor....

ANYWAY, I actually did do all that this morning (except for the tear part) and I wanted to share that with all of you. I'm in very high spirits as I prepare to leave for the next couple weeks. Its been a few years since I've gone on a big trip and am in need of a good break. I will definitely try to post while I am away.

However, last night at our Creative Arts meeting we had several people get excited about posting on the blog. So be on the look-out for messages from Amber, Eric, Taylor, Ravuth and anyone else who is interested in expressing themselves on the blog. We are always open to people writing a story and getting the word out. Just email Taylor or myself and we'll get you set up.

Also we have a new initiative in the works and that is a bike ride we are coordinating with Long Beach A group that was formed by some individuals who see bike riding as a way of life, not just recreation. We will keep you posted on times and dates of these organized Wetland Rides. Its going to be a blast!

Take care of each other and I'll write to you all soon!



  1. I too had a tear in my eye as I watched the leaves emerge from their buds, the flowers blossoming and the herons awakening from their morning slumber. Good job Timothy!!

  2. Enjoy your trip Tim. Let me know how patagonia compares to riding out the tide on a full moon cruise through the Los Cerritos.