Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missing the Lagoon!

Buen Dia!

I must say that while I am traveling and enjoying my time here in an amazing area, reading Ambers post definitely makes me a little home sick. I feel like I am missing out on some great things that are happening at home. Thank you Amber for painting a wonderful picture of not only your own thoughts and feelings but informing everyone about the meeting and ice plant removal that took place. You did a great job!

I can´t believe that the ice plant is almost gone, that is so amazing and exciting! That means we can continue planting those native species and our Community based restoration can keep moving forward. Exciting!!

I just wanted to post a few quick pictures of Glacier National Park here in Argentina. Hanging out and trekking over two miles onto a glacier was a very unique experience. This particular glacier can grow up to 3meters a day, so it is constantly changing. You can literally hear this massive mile wide, three hundred foot deep glacier shift under your feet, its very surreal! While hiking the wind was blowing SO hard with gust up to 60mph. The temperature was well below freezing with the wind chill. I had more layers on then ever before!

The South face of the GlacierThis is a pool in the middle of the glacier. There is constantly water running on top of, inside and all around the glacier and they carve all sorts of shapes out of this 80yr old ice. One of the guides hiked to this peak to get a better shot of the pool.

I am currently in El Calefate and tonight I will travel to El Chalten (http://www.elchalten.com/) where I will stay for the next three days. Plans of trekking to more glacier and peaks are in the works.

I miss my mornings at the Lagoon!

With many smiles,


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  1. Aww the lagoon misses you Tim! AWESOME pics by the way. I would die in that weather! ha ha