Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coastal Cleanup Day 2009 - Los Cerritos Wetlands


OK, I know this is the Colorado Lagoon blog but I thought I could use the venue to tell you about another cleanup that took place on California Coastal Cleanup Day 2009. We all spent the morning at the Lagoon but at 1pm we headed over to 4th Annual Zedler Marsh Cleanup which is located within the Los Cerritos Wetlands. This also marked the launching of the Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewardship program. How exciting is that!?

Nearly 100 people showed up to this yearly event...

We all spent a couple hours roaming the area for trash BIG and small, everything got picked up.

There were people EVERYWHERE! It was so fun to see everyone excited about cleaning up the area, it really needed it.

More people....

And still more...

We scoured the bushes and found all sorts of things. I found some drywall, another person a rug which weighed 36lbs.

Jenny taking out the trash

'Hey, I think I see a bottle cap over there!'

Friends spent the afternoon together making a difference.

Adrienne has been working with the Los Cerritos Wetlands for several years now.Mister Taylor Parker extraordinaire
Until next year everyone, Thanks for the help!
To find out more about whats going on, go to www.LCWStewards.org

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  1. This was an awesome event! I see at least 4 cleanup/restoration events at Los Cerritos Wetlands per month from now until Dec 2009 on the www.lcwstewards.org calendar. Awesome! I'm there!